UNCLAIMED SHARES OF ELGI EQUIPMENT LTD FROM IEPF IEPF (Investors Education and Protection Fund) is an authority that works under the MCA (Ministry of Current Affairs). Shares will be transferred to IEPF if the dividend for those shares is not claimed for 7 years or more. For the shareholders, the companies issue dividends in cheques. […]

How to claim unclaimed shares from IEPF?

Procedure for claiming Dividend and Shares from IEPF Authority

In earlier periods, Companies that are invested by the investors are given the shares certificates in the physical form for their worth of investment. Those certificates are called as physical shares certificates. The companies will give the dividend to the shareholders namely- quarterly dividends, half yearly dividends, interim dividends and final dividends. The dividends are […]

How to get a duplicate shares certificate? [easy steps]

How to get a duplicate shares certificate? [easy steps]

1: If the shareholder is alive. Physical shares certificate acts as a proof for the ownership of the shares owned by the shareholder. Due to some circumstances a physical shares certificate might be lost, misplaced, forgot, burnt. To get the duplicate certificate of lost share certificate, misplaced share certificate, forgotten share certificate: A shareholder should […]

How do I claim my Old Shares (unclaimed dividends) after 7 years?

How to claim Old Shares after 7 years?

Old shares are meant to be those shares which are unclaimed or unpaid to the shareholder by the company. Such old shares are transferred to company called Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF). A shareholder or legal heir can claim the old shares by following some procedures. Claimant can undergo for claiming the old shares […]

Are old stock certificates worth anything?

Are old stock certificates worth anything?

Earlier a Share Certificate is provided when a person buys shares in a company. That share certificate acts as a proof for the shares bought. Now in this digital world shares are bought digitally and are stored in demat accounts. For the matter of fact, in the investment world any invested money does not go […]

Can I claim dividend from IEPF?

Can I claim dividend from IEPF

Yes you can claim dividend from IEPF. Shares are transferred to IEPF when they are unclaimed over a period of 7 years or more. A shareholder can appeal to claim dividend from IEPF by providing shares certificate or duplicate shares certificate. Can I claim unclaimed shares dividend? Unclaimed shares are those which similarly imply the […]