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Shares or dividends which are unclaimed over a period of 7 years from the date of declaration were substantially transferred to IEPF (Investor Education and Protection Fund) authority. Shares are so transferred to IEPF due to demise of the shareholder or due to the improper maintenance of the dividend funds. Such shares can be retrieved or can be recovered with the interest accrued undergoing few nominal procedures.

Shares Recovery India help you in Recovering Shares from IEPF in Hyderabad, Telangana. 

In case of the demise of the shareholder, the claimant who applies to recover the shares must the legal heir or nominee of the shareholder.

We as your trustee, follow some procedures for recovering shares. We safeguard our customers’ privacy and help them claim the definite shares which were being transferred to IEPF.

We do have best teams who made us keep the customers’ trust and so we were able to deliver tremendous results. Our great crew takes up the project of recovering shares from IEPF, work through the processes and handover the results to the claimants safely and accurately.

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Physical shares or Demat shares are transferred to IEPF, if the dividend for those shares, are unclaimed for 7 years or more. IEPF (Investors Education and Protection Fund) is an authority that works under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) introduced by government in the year 2016 under section 125 of Companies Act, 2013.

The responsibility of IEPF authority is to make refunds regards to shares, unclaimed shares, unclaimed dividends to the investors.

Unclaimed shares can be recovered from IEPF following some processes according to the availability of the information with the shareholders or investors. Procedures may vary depending upon the situation along with the details and documents in hand with the investors.

You’ll get a brief of the procedures below for various cases.

1 . In case of physical shares in hand but transferred to IEPF:

When shares are transferred to IEPF, if you want to claim or recover the shares you have to contact the company and IEPF.

If you have physical shares in hand, you are lucky enough to claim the shares from IEPF without too many risks. Even though you have physical shares certificate in hand, but transferred to IEPF, the IEPF authority will have more rights on your shares until you opt to claim them.

In order to claim shares from IEPF,

  • Fill out an IEPF Form-5 and submit it with the KYC documents to the IEPF.
  • Submit the claiming request to both the company and IEPF.
  • Then company submits a claim to the IEPF authority after verifying all the details.
  • After all the successful verification, IEPF will refund the shares to you.

It is easy to read and understand the process, but it is actually a lengthy and difficult process. This process might take up to 1 year to 2 years according to situations.

We at ShareRecoveryIndia have a good track record of recovering shares from IEPF, because we have good and successful communications with IEPF authority and the listed companies. We are glad that we were able recover shares worth 80+ crores in the span of 2 years.

We took just 2-3 months of time to recover the shares of our clients from IEPF. We feel proud that our team takes much less time to serve our clients in recovering shares than any other shares recovery service provider takes.

2 . In case of lost/theft/burnt in fire accident physical shares certificate:

Generally, most of the times people lose their physical shares certificate while carrying them, or may be due to a fire accident the physical shares certificates might burn. People get stuck in these cases lack of the information that shares can be recovered even if there is no original share certificate present.

Our SharesRecoveryIndia team is there to help you out in any case that associates with the shares.

This case might help you out to get a brief on how to deal with a lost physical shares certificate.

In the year 2019, a person named Siddharth, approached us with a doubt that he had shares in a company called TATA motors. He just had a doubt but he did not have any proof of ownership because he lost his shares certificate in an accident.

He provided us his identification documents only. Using that documents we got him a duplicate shares certificate form the company and successfully dug out the shares from the IEPF authority. His shares were transferred to IEPF because he was not able to claim dividend for 7 consecutive years.

After we dug out shares from IEPF, those shares valued up to Rs. 30,00,000 INR. He got the benefit for his doubt and felt happy with our service.

Like Siddharth, we were able to serve 30+ clients out of which 10 clients are from Hyderabad, who lost their shares certificate and had doubt of owning shares in a company.

If you are familiar to such circumstance and situation, contact or call us on +919542879061 or mail us on [email protected] .

3 . In case of Death of Shareholders and shares transferred to IEPF:

Shareholders kept their Physical shares certificate safe before the Harshad Mehta’s scam. After that, shareholders lost their hopes on the shares and left them as it is.

There are cases where people bought shares and kept secret from the family members. And if they die after certain period, the family members will never know about the shares. Anyways companies send dividend cheque to the shareholder’s address. Then the family members get to know that their family head bought shares in a company. There are few cases where the shares were transferred to IEPF before the family members know about the shares.

A: In case the legal heir is minor:

One of our clients, who is a minor of age 17 years old approached us with an expired dividend cheque in the name of his father and inquired about the details. After detailed research we found out that, his father named T.Subramaniam, employee of BHEL Ltd. owned 600 shares in a company called HDFC Ltd. After few years he got transferred to Bangalore as per job requirements. He was dead in bangalore and so there are no possibilities that he could deposit his dividends. This went for 7 years and those shares were transferred to IEPF.

After collecting all the information, we approached the company and IEPF with the death certificate, affidavit, KYC documents and requested for the process of transferring the shares. After transferring the shares worth approx. Rs. 8,00,000 INR in the name of minor, he is now able to claim the dividends but cannot sell the shares to anybody until he is major i.e., above 18 years old.

As we approached T. Subramaniam’s stock broker we got to know that, while T.Subramaniam was working in BHEL, Hyderabad, he invested in few other companies also. Now we are in the process of finding the remaining investments made by him which were indeed transferred to IEPF. His family felt happy for the previous service and gave us the project of finding out the remaining shares, so that they could get more than 1 crore INR after we dig out all the shares from IEPF in the name of T.Subramaniam.

If you are familiar to such circumstance and situation, contact or call us on +919542879061 or mail us on [email protected] .

B: In case of nominee or legal heir or family members:

Earlier while buying the shares, most of the people left filling out the nominee information to get rid of too much paperwork. That issue aroused in a wide range in present days. If the nominee information was filled out in earlier, now nominees can opt for transfer of shares directly by contacting the company easily. But it is difficult to transfer shares if nominee information was not provided while buying the shares. Since the nominee information was not provided, the shares can only be transferred to the legal heir or the family member.

For the transfer of shares from the dead shareholder to the legal heir or the family member to happen, documents like family member certificate, KYC documents like Aadhar and PAN of all family members, succession certificate, no objection certificate and affidavit are required. SharesRecoveryIndia has received a case which is relevant to the above situation.

A person named K.Narayana Rao bought 1200 shares in TCS Ltd. and those shares were transferred to IEFP because he did not claim the dividend of the shares for 7 consecutive years. Now the shares’ worth is Rs. 36,00,000 INR. While buying the shares, he did not mention the nominee information in the application of shares. Since there is no nominee for him as per records, only his family members or legal heir can get the shares. After the death of K. Narayana Rao, the ultimate head of the family is his wife.

Family members of K. Narayana Rao approached SharesRecoveryIndia. We gathered all the information and documents necessary for the transfer of shares. Documents that we collected from them are family member certificate, KYC documents like Aadhar and PAN of all family members, succession certificate, no objection certificate and affidavit along with IEPF Form-5. Shares were being transferred to his wife’s name in 1 month and claimed the unclaimed shares from IEPF in 3 months.

If you are familiar to such circumstance and situation, contact or call us on +919542879061 or mail us on [email protected] .

C: In case of death of both shareholder and nominee:

When the shares were bought earlier, few people added their nominee information while filling out the application. So, in case if the shareholder is dead the owner of the shares will be automatically the nominee. If in case the nominee also died, then the legal heir or the family members have rights to own the shares in the name of their parent.

Documents like family member certificate, KYC documents like Aadhar and PAN of all family members, succession certificate, no objection certificate and affidavit are required for the transfer of shares to legal heir or family members.

At SharesRecoveryIndia, we solve every case that is related to dividends and shares. The below case we solved is the best scenario for you understand how we take out process if both the shareholder and nominee are dead.

A shareholder named C. Mutyam Reddy own 2000 shares in Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. He added his wife’s name as his nominee while buying the shares. After his death his wife was the owner of the shares he bought. Unfortunately, his wife also died after a few years. The shares were transferred to IEPF as they were unable to claim the dividend for 7 years and more. Now his legal heir or family members have rights to own the shares.

The elder son of C. Mutyam Reddy, C. Kalyan Reddy approached SharesRecoveryIndia. Our team worked with C. Kalyan Reddy on the details of the history of the shares bought by his father. He provided us all the documents like legal heir certificate, family member certificate, KYC documents like Aadhar and PAN of all family members, succession certificate, no objection certificate and affidavit along with IEPF Form-5. We helped C. Kalyan Reddy in the process of transferring shares worth approx. Rs. 10,00,000 INR to his name from IEPF in less than a month and claimed the unclaimed in shares in less than 3 months.

We are glad that our team has made him happy with the service.

If you are familiar to such circumstance and situation, contact or call us on +919542879061 or mail us on [email protected] .

4 . In case of address change:

While buying shares, investors give the address where they stay as the residential address so that they can receive the dividend cheques sent by the company to that address.

Generally, shareholders who are employees in different organisation get transferred to different locations as required by the company where they work. In that case their address registered with the shareholding in a company will differ from the current address of staying. Hence, they cannot receive dividend cheques to the new address because the address is not updated to the new location. If this is continued for 7 years or more, those shares will be transferred to IEPF.

At SharesRecoveryIndia, we solved huge number of cases which are associated with change of address. That includes change of address after the death of shareholder, change of address after the death of both share holder and the nominee. For these cases we were able to solve them at ease when the family members of dead shareholders approached us for claiming the unclaimed shares.

After the claiming the unclaimed shares that are transferred to IEPF and if you want to change the address you have to produce the new address proofs and KYC documents along with the shares certificates.

If you are familiar to such circumstance and situation, contact or call us on +919542879061 or mail us on [email protected] .

We claim or recover the following companies shares from IEPF:

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