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Funds that are invested by retail investors, are reinvested by the fund managers like IIFL,HDFC etc., for trading and the retails investors are given the shares in the form of units. The fund managers use their experience and invest in the companies on behalf of the retail investors. After the earns of the invested fund returns, the fund managers distribute the dividends among the investors based on the invested money or bought shares. As it is a three way process from the start to end it might seem to be a long actionable process.

We here help you with recovering the invested Mutual from the delegate mutual fund process companies and handover to you in a smooth manner.

We also help in recovering the unclaimed mutual funds from IEPF for those which are transferred to IEPF.

Trust and contact us , we deliver wonderful results to you.

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A mutual fund is a fund that is invested by the investors and managed by the Fund Manager. The money invested by the investors is again invested further. Few companies that offer mutual funds are Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund


  • Axis Mutual Fund
  • Baroda BNP Paribas Mutual Fund
  • Canara Robeco Mutual Fund
  • DSP Mutual Fund
  • Edelweiss Mutual Fund
  • HDFC Mutual Fund
  • Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund
  • ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
  • IDFC Mutual Fund
  • L&T Mutual Fund
  • Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund
  • Navi Mutual Fund
  • Tata Mutual Fund
  • Sundaram Mutual Fund
  • SBI Mutual Fund
  • UTI Mutual Fund

Each company will design its mutual funds with different names individually.

For example

UTI Mutual Fund is the first mutual fund company that started Masterplus 1991 and Mastergain 1992 as mutual funds in the market. These mutual funds are very famous in the earlier periods.

People who had fear did not have an interest in investing in the stock market invested their money in Masterplus 1991 and Mastergain 1992. That created a boom in profits and trust in people that investing in mutual funds is safe.

When we established, we received more cases related to Mutual Funds than cases related to Shares. We came to know that people started believing in investments and investing in mutual funds rather than shares.

This credit goes to the pioneer of the Mutual Funds industry, UTI Mutual Fund which created a belief in people and encouraged them to invest in mutual funds. Mutual funds are divided into two types namely Growth Fund and Dividend Fund.

Growth Fund:

A growth fund is a type of mutual fund which is meant to grow the number of units of the investors using the dividend for the mutual funds initially invested. For example, an investor invested money in a growth fund and has 1000 units, then by reinvesting the dividends for the mutual funds the number of units will increase to 1200.

Dividend Fund:

A Dividend Fund is a type of mutual fund in which the dividends for the mutual funds will be given to the investors according to the percentage of investments.

Similar way, a lot of companies entered the market and started offering mutual funds with selected names. For people who are not able to bear the losses, it is best to invest in mutual funds rather than shares.

As we received a huge number of cases, we conclude that most of the people who invested in mutual funds forgot their investments, and the mutual funds were also transferred to IEPF because the dividends for the mutual funds are not claimed for 10 years. As per our knowledge, there are 37,000+ crores dividends of mutual funds are unclaimed with insurance companies, banks and corporate houses, and post office departments till date. Another 26,000+ crores are unclaimed under provident fund accounts.

We solved those cases and recovered mutual funds from IEPF. The below cases will you better understand the different cases we deal with at

In case of an old physical mutual fund certificate:

In earlier days, a mutual fund certificate was given by the company after investing in mutual funds. If the mutual funds are transferred to IEPF, and the mutual fund certificate is in hand, then we are required to submit a request for UDRS (Unclaimed dividend and redemption) units.

There are cases where the mismatch of signatures happened. It is scientifically proven that, as age grows the nerve system will act differently.

For example, Masterplus and Mastergain are of the 90s period. Investors of those mutual funds will have an age of 60+ years by now. So as said the signature mismatch will happen because the nerve system will act differently from the time of investment for them.

Such typical cases will only be solved by

In case of lost/theft/burnt in fire accident mutual fund certificate:

When invested in mutual funds, you are given a mutual fund certificate. There might situations like theft or fire accidents which can lead to the loss of a physical mutual fund certificate. And because the physical mutual fund certificate is lost, investors think that their investments were ruined and useless. But it is not true, because the companies will always send dividends that are to be claimed by investors. If the dividend is not claimed for more than 7 years to 10 years, the mutual funds will be transferred to IEPF.

In case the physical mutual fund certificate is lost, it is a bit difficult to claim the mutual funds and the dividends from IEPF.

But will help you to recover your mutual funds and the dividends from IEPF. We require your Aadhaar, PAN card, and Folio number. Even if you don’t have a folio number, we will help in recovering the mutual funds and dividends from IEPF.

In case of death of Investor:

If an investor invested money into mutual funds by adding the nominee information, then the nominee will be eligible to become the owner of investments if the investor is dead.

In case the nominee information is not added, then it is a lengthy and difficult process to claim the dividends from IEPF and transfer the mutual funds.

So, it is very important and safe to add a nominee to the investments where and when made.

But we at have solutions for every case and help you recover the dividends and mutual funds.


In case of death of the investor and the nominee:

If both the investor and the nominee are dead, it is very difficult to get the mutual funds back from IEPF for the legal heirs or the family members.

At present is dealing with 1000+ cases related to the mutual funds of dead investors and nominees. As it is a very long process, we were able to clear 200+ cases in the span of 2 years.

Our clients are very happy with the service because investments in mutual funds are mostly made by people who want to have standard savings from their earnings. They lose hope in everything if they lose their investments in mutual funds.

But our motto is to help the people who approach with utmost trust.


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