ForumCategory: Unclaimed SharesAre old stock certificates worth anything?

Are old stock certificates worth anything?Shares Recovery India Staff asked 2 years ago

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Are old stock certificates worth anything?Pravin Poloju Staff answered 2 years ago
Earlier a Share Certificate is provided when a person buys shares in a company. That share certificate acts as a proof for the shares bought. Now in this digital world shares are bought digitally and are stored in demat accounts.
For the matter of fact, in the investment world any invested money does not go useless or worthless. Every invested penny can be dug out if a proof is provided. In accordance to shares certificate, they might be the only proof for the earlier or aged investments but their worth can be retained according to the present value of the shares of so called company invested by you.
Share certificates are truly worthful and any gained profits can be claimed following some procedures. We do have a great record of making people happy facing issues with the share certificates. We can make your share certificates into actual cash. Contacting us makes your time worthwhile and shares worthful.
Even any merging and amalgamation within the companies do not disturb any shareholder’s shares. Finally shares that new or old are always worthful.