ForumCategory: Share Certificate RetrievalHow can I get duplicate share certificate?

How can I get duplicate share certificate?Shares Recovery India Staff asked 2 years ago

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How can I get duplicate share certificate?Pravin Poloju Staff answered 2 years ago
Generally, people might lose their original share certificate due to fire accidents or they might forget it. In some cases, they misplace their share certificate without the knowledge of the worth of the share certificate. In order to claim the shares or to convert them into Demat, you have to apply for a duplicate shares certificate.
To apply for a duplicate share certificate, follow the below steps:

  • 1: Lodge a complaint in the nearest police station at your residential address and ask for FIR copy.
  • 2: The FIR should contain the details like Folio number, share certificate number, Distinctive numbers and number of lost shares.
  • 3: This should be submitted to the company along with a Request form, Affidavit worth of 200/-, Indemnity bond worth 200/-, PAN details, Aadhaar Details.
  • 4: After verifying the details, the company issues the duplicate share certificate.