Yes you can claim dividend from IEPF. Shares are transferred to IEPF when they are unclaimed over a period of 7 years or more. A shareholder can appeal to claim dividend from IEPF by providing shares certificate or duplicate shares certificate.

Can I claim unclaimed shares dividend?

Unclaimed shares are those which similarly imply the case of shares in IEPF. Unclaimed shares dividend can be claimed from the companies invested by shareholders. Approaching us will lead you to procedures to claim unclaimed shares dividend.

Is dividend directly credited to bank account?

Dividend is directly credited to bank account which has DEMAT account associated with it. Funds can be mutually transacted with the bank account either it may be for shares buying or for shares selling. In case of claiming the dividend, those funds are directly credited to bank account.

What happens to unclaimed shares in India?

Unclaimed shares will be held within the company if they are maintained below the period of 7 years. For those unclaimed shares over the period of 7 years or more they are transferred to IEPF, then the shares are held further within IEPF. Shareholders willing to claim from IEPF, can claim shares dividend from IEPF.

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