ForumCategory: Unclaimed SharesHow do I claim my share dividend?

How do I claim my share dividend?Shares Recovery India Staff asked 5 months ago

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How do I claim my share dividend?Pravin Poloju Staff answered 5 months ago
If you have your shares certificate handy on the record date of the dividend announcement by the company, then you are eligible for receiving share dividend. Company sends the dividend cheques to your address registered with the company.
To claim the dividends issued by the company, you have to deposit the dividend cheques in your bank account. If you have your shares in Demat account, company deposits the share dividend directly to your Demat account.
In case, if you are unable to receive the dividend issued by the company, the dividends lie within the company on your name. You can directly contact the company to claim the share dividend. Share dividend can be transferred to IEPF, if you do not claim the dividend for 7 years or more. Contact SharesRecoveryIndia to get help in claiming your share dividend from companies.