ForumCategory: Unclaimed SharesHow do I claim old shares?

How do I claim old shares?Shares Recovery India Staff asked 2 years ago

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How do I claim old shares?Pravin Poloju Staff answered 2 years ago
If you have shares in paper mode, those shares are called physical shares and the paper is called physical share certificate. Every company distributes profits in the form of dividends quarterly, half yearly and dividends, interim dividends are also announced. If you deposit the dividend cheques sent by the company, your physical shares are said to be active with the company. For those shares whose dividend is not deposited for the period of 7 years they are transferred to IEPF and are called unclaimed shares.
In order to claim the shares very easily, you should deposit the dividends into bank accounts as issued by the company. To claim the shares that are transferred to IEPF, you have to follow a rigorous process. For the case of physical shares, you have to submit the DRF (Dematerialisation Request Form) form, CMR (Client Master Request) form, PAN card, Aadhaar card along with original share certificate to the broker.