IEPF (Investors Education and Protection Fund) is an authority that works under the MCA (Ministry of Current Affairs). Shares will be transferred to IEPF if the dividend for those shares is not claimed for 7 years or more. For the shareholders, the companies issue dividends in cheques. If the dividend cheques are not deposited for more than 7 years, those shares are called unclaimed shares, and the dividends are called unclaimed dividends. Those unclaimed dividends and the unclaimed shares will be transferred to IEPF and IEPF will have the authority over the shares until and unless they are recovered by the shareholder.

SharesRecoveryIndia.com provides services all over India, to help the shareholders recover and claim the unclaimed dividends and shares of any company from IEPF.

For the shares related to SHREE CEMENT LIMITED, company, SharesRecoveryIndia.com has solved many cases there is a necessity to approach the company and the company’s registrar for recovering the unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from IEPF, we have contacted the company, and the company’s registrar and helped the shareholders to claim and recover their unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from IEPF.

Here are a few details about the company:

The registered address of the company:

SHREE CEMENT LIMITED                                 



SharesRecoveryIndia.com will always be open to any service requests like Dematerialisation of shares, Recovery from IEPF, Transfer of shares, duplicate shares certificate, Recovery of mutual funds, and Share dividend recovery.

Here are a few details about SharesRecovryIndia.com


Besides fabric spa, father Nagar Road,

Alwal, Hyderabad.Contact:9542879061

There are different ways and procedures to claim the unclaimed dividends and unclaimed shares from IEPF:

At sharesRecoveryIndia.com, we encountered and solved many cases that are associated with the recovery of unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from IEPF. There are many reasons for the shares to be transferred to IEPF. Most of the shares were transferred to IEPF because of address change of the shareholder, death of the shareholder, or misplaced original share certificate. Most people do not know that the shares will be transferred to IEPF if they do not claim the dividend for 7 years or more.

We are very glad that at SharesRecoveryIndia.com, we possibly have solutions and procedures for every question that arises related to the recovery of shares and dividends.

We carry out different procedures for different cases. A few procedures are simple but a few procedures and lengthy and time-consuming.

We helped our clients in recovering the shares that were transferred to IEPF in case of lost or misplaced original shares certificate.  We also have a good track record in recovering the shares and dividends in the case of minors, the death of the shareholder, the death of shareholder and nominee, multiple legal heirs, legal heirs, and family members.

Shareholders of any company will have challenges while recovering the shares and dividends.

While recovering the shares and dividends of SHREE CEMENT LIMITED, we were asked many questions like:

Should you have any of the following questions then please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]  for any the assistance

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